How To Treat Toothache In 1 Minute?

Each and every one of us has encountered a toothache and knows how painful and annoying it is. Unwanted pain in the oral cavity irritates and causes unbearable nervousness. Toothache can be cause by numerous causes, among which are the following: inflamed gums, pain caused by caries, tooth fracture, bruxism (grinding of the teeth), aggressive chewing etc.

No matter how good you manage to maintain your oral hygiene, there will be a moment when dealing with this kind of pain will be inevitable. If toothache appears, going to the dentist is mandatory. However, if you are not able to go to the dentist due to various reasons, try this natural paste that will help you to easily and fast get rid of the pain you are dealing with.

Ingredients needed:

  • ½ a teaspoon of powdered clove
  • ½ a teaspoon of coconut oil

Method of preparation:

Mix the abovementioned ingredients well, until you end up having a smooth homogeneous resulting mixture.

Way of usage:

Apply some of the resulting paste directly onto the affected tooth and the gum surrounding it and the pain should go away almost immediately.

(you can use the paste up to three times on a daily basis)

Note: Getting rid of the toothache must not e encouraging for you not to pay a visit to your dentist.

If there is pain occurrence in a certain tooth, that means something is not quite right with that same tooth, which means going to your dentist is inevitable.