How To Treat Cracked Capillaries


If you have a problem with cracked capillaries you probably have to hide them under a thick layer of powder which additionally makes you another problem because you closed pores. Medicine solves these problems with laser therapy which is not very effective and is very expensive.

Many people have a problem with broken capillaries especially onto their face. There is a natural folk medicine remedy which has been proven to be effective. It can successful reduce visibility of the cracked capillaries and it often treats them.

Ingredients needed:

-- Dandelion root

-- Burdock root

-- Juniper berries

Use equal parts of these herbs.

Mix all ingredients and crush them in order to get a powdery like mixture. Take one tablespoon on the herb mixture and pour 500 ml of water over it. Let the mixture stand still overnight on room temperature. The next day cook the mixture. When it starts boiling, cook for another 5 minutes. Strain the tea when you are done cooking. Consume it during the day before meal.

The therapy should last for 14 days. Make a seven day break before you repeat the whole procedure.

This remedy strengthens even the tiniest blood vessels and soothes consequences which occur due to cracked capillaries. Besides this remedy you should also consume additional vitamin C and E through food or in the form of additives.


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