How to Rid Your Body of Fluoride from All Sources

To many people fluoride accumulates in the tissues of their body and the small doses which are considered as safe are not quite safe at all. The fluoride can create serious problems with health and cancer, thyroid disruption, DNA damage, hormone disruption are few of them.

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It is present mostly in water and there are two types of it. Into the water from wells, the calcium fluoride is present and is not quite dangerous as the material for phosphate mined fertilizer or aluminum plants which can be add into the water supplies.

Besides the hydrofluorosilicic acid which is used as rat poison sometimes, there are others as well but here as an example is used the sodium fluoride, for distinguish the other toxic synthetic versions from natural occurred calcium fluoride.

The iodine, can cause damages to the overall thyroid function and metabolism. In the commercially produced bread, there are bromides present. The chlorine is here and it is used in the water supplies. Here are the fluorine or fluorides which doesn’t matter are they synthetic or natural, they are supplement with food grade iodine and they block iodine in thyroid receptions. Often through urine, there are evidence that the iodine supplementation has ability to detox fluorine or fluorides.

Did you know that one- third of pharmaceutical drugs are fluorinated? Well if you didn’t, now you know. Companies use their molecule in several ways and use less of other components who should be present in drugs and increase their savings. The passage of certain drugs through the blood to the brain becomes easier and the drugs are more effective. The easier entry of drugs into the cells and system can have several side effects represented as torn ligaments, paralysis and sometimes death.


Start avoiding but finish with eliminating the fluoride contamination

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Start using purified water. The first step is always the hardest but is always a good start for slowing down the fluoride contamination.

Reverse osmosis – Install your own system, which is the best solution. The purified water can be used in many occasions and 80% of it is effective. Make sure the maintenance check to never be longer than one month so that the filters won’t need to be changed much often. Remember that the boiling does not eliminate fluorides. Sometimes it makes them more concentrated but it is possible to distill fluoridated water to almost 100% free of fluorine. Add minerals into distilled water and add them often because minerals are very effective and important for our system. Even sea salt can be helpful, add pinch of it in RO filtered or distilled water and it will demineralize.

Many people are lacking out of it but magnesium is one very important mineral and besides all of the beneficial properties it could also absorb the fluoride into the cells. Calcium also gets fluoride away from bones and teeth and eliminates it so increase your supplies of them. Increase also the level of the mixture K-2 plus vitamin D3 and make sure its levels are high.

Fluoride Detox

Boron – is actually one big success for fluoride detox. By eating organic apples you will get amounts of it. Use little solution of it without any additives in distilled or fluoride free water. There are also boron tablets present and they can even come with magnesium or calcium.

Dry Saunas – all of the stored sodium fluoride in tissues can be released by this combined with exercise. It can be intense and can cause side effects so intake high amounts of calcium and magnesium for replacing the minerals lost through sweating.

Niacin – It can be used for breaking up the lipids who contain toxins. Do this routine before saunas and do it often but remember it is not recommended for people with medically diagnosed conditions.

Vitamin C – add teaspoons of it in juice take it as pill it’s your choice. The presence of vitamin C is important it purifies the water and raises the pH to create alkalinity.

Other many chelating compounds as bentonite clay, powdered zeolite, fulvic acid or diatomaceous earth also, many techniques can be helpful because toxic waste of sodium fluoride goes with heavy metals.


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