How To Repair Your Damaged Kidney Naturally Using 1 Teaspoon of Baking Soda

If you have kidney problems and you want to start treating them rightly you need to know that for every kidney treatment to function right you’ll have to know the reason what damaged them in the first place. The pancreas protects our kidneys and it is producing sodium bicarbonate but sometimes they produce more amounts of the enzyme and that is as a result of our nutrition.

If our nutrition daily contains more sugars and fat than we should usually enter, our kidneys are overworking and they produce less sodium bicarbonate. If our body contains less sodium bicarbonate than usual the acids won’t be neutralized and they can cause health problems.

We already know that the baking soda can be very useful for our organism and now it’s once again proven from the Royal London Hospital that its effects on kidney stones are strongly beneficial and they can slow down the progress. It is also proven that it sometimes they fix the whole damage that kidneys usually have.

The sodium usually keeps the kidneys in shape and if they are threatened somehow with less sodium in our body they start producing more and more of it. If they somehow can’t produce enough and they can’t transfer into urine, the sodium will go in our blood and it will be filled with acid. Until they don’t start working normally again and transfer the sodium into urine the blood will remain filled with acids.

The results in the end were amazing. The testing lasted 2 years and it was performed by patients that had dialysis. Each one had been given sodium bicarbonate and as a result slowed down the decline of kidney failure.

Consuming baking soda can always be useful. It prevents the kidneys from failure and neutralizes the acids from the food we consume. The use of baking soda don’t stops at kidneys. People with cancer use it to fight with the bad effect of chemo or it is useful also in cases of chemical and toxins over dose.

The use of sodium bicarbonate

Take half a teaspoon of baking soda and put it under your tongue on the first day. For the following days take a 1.5 liters bottle of water and put inside one teaspoon of soda and half a teaspoon salt. Drink it.

If you want to have great health in general you need to fix firstly your nutrition. Don’t eat unhealthy food and stick to non-chemical and organic products. Unhealthy food can always have direct negative effect and a lots of complications.