How to Remove Clavus?


Clavus is a skin disease that usually appears as an outgrowth of the feet. The wart is making us feels pain when under pressure. Discomfort appears when we wear shoes since it comes into contact and friction which causes pain.

Recipe for removal Clavus

The recipe is very simple all you need is Sempervivum and plaster. Take a leaf of Sempervivum and remove the thin skin on one side, then place the leaf on the sore spot in a way that the membrane without being the direct outgrowth. Attach plaster on leaf and leave it on all day and night. After one day, replace the leaf with another one. The effect is with biggest impact at night, so, this cure must be applied before you sleep, because then your feet are free and without shoes.

The wart will disappear along with the root in several days.


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