How To Reduce Your Salt Intake?


If you want to reduce the amount of salt you consume, try the following ways:

  • Beware of canned food

Every can contain a large amount of salt. Before you cook or eat, wash the content of the can (beans etc.) under water.

  • Different spices

Salt is added to the food in order to make the flavor richer. But a combination of various spices and dried herbs can sufficiently satisfy the senses and it is easy to omit the salt when eating.

  • Say goodbye to soups bag

These foods are a huge source of salt. Commercial bread can also hide huge amount of salt and very often the exact amount is not listed on the packaging. However, domestic varieties of the same food can be less salty which makes them healthier.

  • Domestic is better

Start to cook yourself and you will always know how much salt is in the food you are about to eat. Any food that you eat out is hiding more salts than what is represented.


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