How To Recognize A Stroke!

Stroke is one of the leading causes for death in the world.

Ischemic stroke is one of the commonest strokes. It occurs when a certain clot clogs the artery that brings blood to the brain. The other type of stroke is called hemorrhagic stroke. This one occurs when blood veins break, which causes effusion of blood from the brain.

Even though stroke most often affects people above 65 years of age, it can occur in younger people as well. It is very important for you to know how to recognize symptoms and risk factors.

Which factors can cause stroke?

-- Intake of unhealthy foods

-- High blood pressure

-- Poor physical activity

-- Increased level of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood

-- Diabetes

-- Obesity

Excessive alcohol consumption

What are the symptoms of a stroke?

-- Difficult speaking –incomprehensible talking and difficulties while talking, impossible pronunciation of words or difficult or completely unintelligible speech.

-- Sudden dizziness, loss of balance

-- Sudden harsh headache, sudden falls and insecure walking.

How can you tell if it is stroke you are dealing with?

1. Try smiling – Are muscles from one side of your face loosen that they hang?

2. Lift both your arms in front of you. Can you equally lift both arms?

3. Say one simple sentence. Pay attention to mumbling and slurred speech.

Stroke is an emergency situation and need immediate ill to take in a mental institution because it is very important to realize exactly the time of the occurrence of symptoms and get to summon emergency help, because it depends on the treatment.

Stroke is an emergency situation in which you need to immediate take the affected person in a hospital because it is very important to realize the exact time of the occurrence of symptoms in order to get emergency help, because it depends on the entire treatment.

Stroke can be prevented – it is undeniable truth.

With your lifestyles you can directly affect your own risk of getting stroke and ensure your health. The best way for preventing stroke is having moderate and healthy lifestyle, regular and adequate physical activity, having regular doctor appointments and, of course, quit smoking.

Your diet should be consisted of olive oil, lots of fruits and vegetables and foods rich in fiber.