How To Recognize A Heart Attack One Month Before It Happens

One of the most fatal diseases is cardiovascular disease or CVD, the reason why it is so dangerous is because it comes suddenly without caution.

What is worthy of note however is that this disease has common symptoms that we should be aware of.

Even more shocking is the fact that some people notice these signs but overlook it.

Symptoms to look out for

1. Having shortness of breath and being dizzy

Unless you have a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or you are asthmatic, then you may consider that you might be having a heart attack. Being dizzy could also mean you might be having a heart attack and this is especially true if you also have a shortness of breathe.

2. Falling ill frequently

At times a heart attack in the making could cause you to be frequently ill, you could have stomach aches, indigestion, vomiting and an overall sick feeling.

3. Having chest pains

This is a common sign and when you think of heart attacks most people would point to this symptom. Chest pains could be caused by a deficiency of vitamins and minerals,  muscle cramping and pulmonary diseases. Doctors say that chest pains associated with heart attacks occur under the breast bone or at the left side of the center of your chest.

4. Neck pains

This is a common symptom and caused by an impending heart attack. It could occur anywhere and at any time of the day. The neck and jaw are two common areas that have this pain.

5. A feeling of anxiety

Anxiety is also a symptom of an impending heart attack especially if it is accompanied by dizziness and light-headedness.

6. Looking ill

Before a heart attack a person’s blood pressure drops. This will make the likely victim appear sickly prior to a heart attack.

7. Heart palpitation

Having a shortness of breath, feeling weak and having dizzy spells accompanied by an irregular heartbeat are all symptoms of a heart attack.

8. Feeling weak and tired

Feeling tired and weak is a symptom of an impending heart attack. Professionals from the British Heart Foundation stated that women are more prone to weakness or tiredness before a heart attack.

9. Profuse sweating

Heart attack victims have said that they broke out in cold sweats prior to their heart attack.

These symptoms should keep you alert always and you should see your doctor immediately if you notice any of these signs.


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