How To Prevent Spring Zits Occurrence


Almost every person deals with zits at some point of their life, which makes acne one of the commonest skin disorders.

This skin disorder occurs when small hair follicle are clogged due to oil substances from the skin sebaceous glands. Open blackheads appear as small, usually flat pimple looking like points with darker environment due to exposure to air. Closed blackheads are similar, but colorless.

Both types of pimples can develop into swollen, painful inflammation.

Acne often occurs during puberty and usually is more common in people with oilier skin. They occur in both sexes, although the most severe cases usually occur in boys. In women, however, it is more likely to have mild to moderate forms of acne around 30 years later. Heredity and hormones are among the most common causes of acne. Poor hygiene, poor diet and stress can worsen the acne situation.

Also, skin appearance frequently changes due to higher temperatures. In order to prevent or at least alleviate this problem, stick to these rules:

  1. Drink at least 2 liters of fluids a day
  2. Try completely avoid eating sweets and drinking sodas
  3. In case you have bangs, get them off of your face
  4. Change your pillow case more frequently
  5. Eat lots of green vegetables and probiotics
  6. Stop popping zits and blackheads
  7. Wipe your cell phone using antibacterial wipes several times a day
  8. Use strong antibacterial face lotion that consists compounds against zits
  9. Do thorough peeling once a week
  10. If you notice zits on your back and cleavage, wear cotton shirt for a while.