How To Make Perfect Green Smoothie?


Green smoothie is extremely popular beverage. However, if you want to make the perfect smoothie you need to use previously tested formulas.

Preparing a smoothie will take only a few minutes. Smoothie is very good source of nutrients and energy.

Green smoothies are very popular and in order to make the best one, here are some advices.

1. Chose the base:

-- Green tea

-- Water

-- Coconut water

-- Almond milk

-- Rice milk

2. Chose green vegetable:

-- Broccoli

-- Spinach

-- Swiss chard

-- Kale

-- Cabbage

3. Add fruit

-- Avocado

-- Pineapple

-- Berries

-- Banana

-- Pear

-- Kiwi

-- Papaya

-- Peach

-- Mango

-- Mellon

-- Apple