How To Grow And Be Higher? – Here Is One Way Of Stimulating The Growth Hormone!

The organism functions are regulated by two main control systems, the hormone and the endocrine system.

The hormonal one, mainly operates on various metabolic functions of the organism, controlling the speed of chemical reactions in the cells, transporting through membranes and etc.

What you should know for the growth hormone?

The growth hormone or hormone somatropin, is secreted by the adenohyposis which is located in the front part of the hypophysis. This hormone has impact on the tissue growth everywhere in the body by increasing the volume of cells and their numbers. The effect on the skeleton of the bone is also important as much as the metabolism of the carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The metabolite effects of growth are caused by the following mechanisms:

  • The metabolism of proteins causes higher amount synthesis of proteins by increased transportation of amino acids in the membrane, it increases the transcription of DNA and RNA and the transcription in the nucleus that increases the formation of proteins in the ribosome, and reduces the catabolism on protein and amino acids. 
  • The metabolism of fats increases the mobilization of fatty acids from the fat tissue and they perform their conversion into acetyl. Konzea A, which later is used for energy objectives and therefore with increased secretion of the growth hormone the ketosis appears.
  • The metabolism of carbohydrates uses less the glucose through the increased postponement of glycogen in cells especially in the liver. Because of this sometimes the increased level of glucose appears and also the emergence of diabetes.

The growth hormone stimulates the bones and gristle growth through the transformation of the hydroxides in estrogens. The growth in large cells is in length and the growth of the membrane- bound cells is width.

Somatomedine S appears as a mediator in the effect of the hormone for growth of the bone. It is created in the liver under the influence of it. The secretion on the hormone is controlled by the hypothalamic hormone and their secretion is regulated thanks to the negative feedback from the quantity of proteins in the blood.

Who stimulates and provokes the secretion if growth hormone?

  • Increased levels of fatty acids and proteins in the blood.
  • Increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system.
  • Increased level of catecholamine.
  • Increased level of serotonin, dopamine, in trauma, sleeping

The quality of sleep is of particular importance if you want to increase your growth. In the sequel, view the video where is explained how to encourage the growth.


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