How To Get Rid Of Water Trapped In Your Ear?

Here are several ways through which you will get water out of your ear.

1. Create vacuum in your ear

Tilt your head to the other side of the clogged ear, press the palm against the ear and then press inside-out. This will make a slight vacuum that will help to extract water from the ear. You can create vacuum with your finger as well. Tilt your head down, put your finger in your ear and quickly remove it. Repeat the procedure until you feel that the water came out of your ear. You can also try and massage the ear in clockwise direction.

2. Vinegar and alcohol drops

Fill a bottle with a solution of 50% vinegar and 50% alcohol, i.e. fill half the bottle with vinegar and the other half with alcohol. Put a few drops of the resulting mixture in the ear, this combination will ease the flow of water from the ears and prevent infection. Drain the ears by tilting the head down. The acid will break the cerumen in the ear and facilitate the leak, and the alcohol helps evaporation of water, but if you have a damaged eardrum do not try this technique.

3. Jump on one leg

Tilt your head to the side on which the ear is full of water, stand on one leg and jump. At the same time pull the ear with your fringes in order to expand the ear canal. If you do not want to jump, try to bend the head and just pull the ear with your fringes.

4. Dry the water out with warm air

Use a hair dryer. Set the hair dryer to the faintest temperature and set at a distance of thirty cm far from the ear. The warm air will stimulate evaporation.

5. Lie down and rely of gravity

Lie on your stomach with the clogged ear down and remain in that position for a few minutes. Gravity will do its magic and water should flow out of the ear.

6. Try yawning

Yawning may help because the bones around the ear will bend. This technique may stimulate the release of water from the ear.

7. Chew chewing gum

The jawbone is located near the ear and its movement can help in solving the problem. Chew gum and at the same time hold your head down on the side on the clogged ear and then abruptly turn to the other side.