How To Get Rid Of Kidney Stone Using Millet


Millet is simple yet incredibly powerful seed when it comes to healing the kidneys. Many people claim the millet helped them to forget all about their kidney-related problems.

This seed has been used in folk medicine for treating urolithiasis. It efficiently cleanses the kidneys, eliminates sand, removes small stones out of the kidneys and bladder, helps when it comes to dealing with women’s problems and heals cysts.

We are about to present very efficient recipe which will help you to successfully heal your kidneys. It will also help you cleanse the kidneys, mucus secretion, sand and small stones.

Recipe for removal kidney stones

Method of preparation:

Rinse one cup (200 grams) of millet with warm water in the evening.

Transfer the millet in 3-liter glass jar and fill 2/3 of the jar with hot, previously boiled, water. Close the jar tightly, stir the mixture well, coat it with something that will keep the content warm and let it stand still overnight.

The very next morning, shake the jar well. You should notice unclear white liquid.

Transfer the jar’s liquid in another bowl/container or whatever.

Drink the resulting mixture during the day. There is not limit of the amount you should drink. Drink whenever you want.

Never throw away the millet. Instead, you should prepare healthy porridge which you should eat for breakfast. (1 cup of millet, 3 glasses of water; should be booked for 15 minutes)

Prepare another dosage of the remedy in the evening. Use the exact same procedure. You should drink this liquid for two weeks.

You will get rid of the kidney stones, through the urine, within 2 weeks.


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