How To Eliminate Helicon Bacteria From The Root


A Helicon bacterium is living and is spreading infection in the stomach and duodenum. It is actually gram- negative bacterium which has shape of spiral. Many diseases in stomach are caused by the presence of this bacterium inside the organism. Classical medicine is curing helicon bacterium with special antibiotics and pro- biotics. This treatment usually takes about two weeks. But, beside the contemporary medicine, several natural medicines can provide excellent results against it. Before starting with treatment, you need to determine the acidity of the stomach juice. If you have increased acidity in your stomach, then juice from potato, linseed and tea from herbs can be helpful.

Linseed – consume 1 tablespoon of linseed with 200ml hot water, cover it and let it stand for 3 hours. After that, filtrate it and from the gained mucus take 1 tablespoon before each meal. The mucus will have positive impact on the stomach because it will cover the walls of the stomach and reduces pain.

Juice from potatoes – Take three potatoes, medium sized, remove their peel and place them in juicer. Consume from the gained juice, half cup before meal. It calms the stomach and reduces pain.

Tea from herbs – For this tea you need 1 teaspoon from each of the following herbs: chamomile, St. John’s wort, yarrow and greater celandine. Pour half a liter boiled water on this mixture from herbs, cover it and let it stand for one hour. Filter it and consume small doses of 50ml from it before meal.

If the acidity in your stomach is reduced, it can be treated with juice of cabbage.

Juice of cabbage – Take one small cabbage and squeeze the juice out of it. Drink from this juice one hour before meal. The juice from cabbage is an excellent for tissue recovery. In increased or reduced acidity actually, in both cases the next mixture can be helpful, it is excellent, protects the stomach and lowers the pain. Make mixture of the following ingredients: take one tablespoon of honey, cocoa, butter, bitter fiddle and 1 egg. Mix it well and take 1 teaspoon before meal, three times daily. Keep the mixture in refrigerator.

Propolis and pollen on the other hand are considered as most efficient as treatment. Natural drugs that have antimicrobial act are best and can destroy the illness. But, propolis and pollen differ in the manner of use.

Pollen – pollen should be consumed in fresh form, you should chew 10mg of it daily, after meal.

Propolis – you should use propolis in form as alcoholic tincture (drops from propolis). In one glass pour 10 drops and drink it before each meal. The treatment should end after you consume 100ml from the tincture. Do not consume propolis while consuming antibiotics.

Be careful to your diet; during the treatment do not consume salty food, spices, fried food, fat and erratic. If you practice these following instructions, there would not be problems.