How to Detox your Vagina in 6 Steps

Women know their body, but not all women know how to detox your vagina in six steps.

These six methods of making sure your vagina is cleaner and healthier will go a long way toward keeping you comfortable and preventing the need for intervention or further addressing of the issues. Your body will thank you.

Be Diligent About Cleansing

Women should be cleansing their vagina during every shower and also before and after sex. This keeps the area clean and minimizes the risk of infection. Use hypoallergenic shampoo, preferably free of any fragrance additives.

Choose the Proper Lubricant

Certain lubricants are not good for your vagina. Choose a water-based lube that does not contain parabens or glycerin.

See a Doctor for Infections

Yeast infections can be treated with over-the-counter medications, but it is best to see your gynecologist. For some women, the concentration of the medicine present in the over-the-counter treatment can be too much. Your doctor, meanwhile, can prescribe one pill and have the issue resolved in a three-day period.

Use Spermicides with Care

Some spermicides may not bother you. Others may not have bothered you on previous occasions, but you could use them again and find yourself facing issues. If there is itching or irritation for days in the area of the vagina, particularly following a wax or other treatment, see a doctor. Removing the hair means you are removing a protective layer of skin as well. This can leave you vulnerable to infections you would not have gotten with that layer in place.

Try Probiotics

For those who deal with infections on a regular basis, using probiotics can help improve the flora in your urinary tract, which in turn helps minimize your chances of getting an infection from bacteria.

Simplify to Avoid Making it Worse

When it comes to infection, using soap to clean the vagina can sometimes impede your healing process. Therefore, when you know you are being treated, avoid using soap to clean your vagina. Stick to cool water until the treatment is over and the infection has been addressed.

Taking care of your vagina carefully can help you avoid discomfort and trips to the gynecologist when you would prefer to avoid those. A yearly exam can ensure you are still free of any STDs and in the meantime, you can steer clear of the office and the stirrups simply by keeping a good hygiene routine for your vagina and making sure to avoid certain things like fragrances in soap and parabens and glycerin in your lube.

Spermicides, waxing treatments and lubes are all things you should be fully aware of the potential issues they can cause when they are done near your vagina or used inside that sensitive area. Being aware of what they can do and how to avoid irritation and discomfort can go a long way toward protecting you from issues that take a long period of time to resolve, so be informed and stay healthy.