How To Cure Tonsillitis And Sore Throat In Only 4 Hours!

The winter surely is in front of our door steps and the issues with the cold, angina or sore throat are also surely guaranteed. If you are facings this issues already and you have tried everything as cure and nothing is powerful enough, this homemade remedy is maybe the perfect solution for you.

The results are coming after only 4 hours of receiving it and they are much improving.

Follow only these 4 steps:

  • You’ll need 15 minutes too cook the 80 grams of ground cumin seeds mixed with 200ml of water.
  • The mixture should look strictly as coffee ground.
  • You should wait until the mixture is strained and then add also 50ml water and cook it again until the liquid is boiled.
  • After a few minutes heating take the mixture off to cool and then add tablespoon of cognac.

After 2 hours the pain will disappear but you need to consume a tablespoon every half an hour before. Repeating the procedure for 8 times in 4 hours incomplete is necessary.

If your cold is strictly severe is allowed to repeat the procedure twice a day.