How to Cure Muscle Pain

Whether you are suffering after a workout or simply pulled or twisted the wrong way, it is always helpful to know how to cure muscle pain.

With 650 muscles in the body, it is normal to have muscle pain at some point in time. You can usually pinpoint the reason, if you are moving and carried something very heavy or you were trying to do some exercise or gymnastic maneuver you do not normally do. Whatever the reason, dealing with muscle pain is no joke.

Types of Muscle Injuries

There are several types of muscle injuries that you need to be aware of. There are simply aches and pains associated with activities you do not do often, and there are tears that occur when the muscle is overextended and extreme force is used. They can also happen as a result of long-term use in a specific manner.

There are three main muscle systems to be aware of as well. The Skeletal muscles are attached to the skeleton and facilitate movement. These muscles move on a voluntary basis, which means you have to think to move them. The Smooth muscles are in the walls of blood vessels and internal organs. These muscles help preserve tension for extended periods and also create waves of movement. Their movements are involuntary or without conscious effort. Finally, the Cardiac muscle is found in the heart and is moved spontaneously, or without the brain’s direction.

Ice Therapy Can Help

When muscles are injured, ice therapy can be a good treatment to help relieve the pain. Apply ice to the area of the injured muscle regularly for three days in order to find relief from the pain. Make sure to use a towel to wrap the ice so the ice is not directly applied to the skin.

Other options include herbs and lotions and massage therapy. They can help to ease the pain while the strain or injury is healing. They can also help with pain associated with a tough workout or just generally overtaxed muscles. Therefore, these treatments are worth considering for the minor pain and injury that can occur regularly.

When It’s Time to Get Medication

Medications like muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed by a doctor if the muscle is severely injured. This will be shown by unbearable pain while attempting certain activities. If this occurs, it is a strong indication that you need to go to the doctor immediately. They can prescribe medications to help alleviate the pain until the muscle has a chance to heal somewhat and the pain lessens.

Medication is the last resort when it comes to curing muscle pain. The first go-to ideas should be therapy of some sort, like ice or massage. The use of certain herbs and lotions can greatly help with pain relief, so they should also be considered unless the pain is unbearable. Then a doctor’s visit is in order. That way the muscle can have time to heal.