How To Check If We Are Dehydrated?

Long ago athletes use a map with colors to determine their level of hydration.

Researchers at the University of Arkansas have done testing using scale of eight colors of the urine in order to determine whether the method can be used in children from 8 to 14, to assess their level of hydration.

The findings of this scale have shown that it not only can be applied to children, but they can use it themselves in order to accurately determine the level of hydration.

The latest research that has been done in the USA (published in “American Journal of Public Health”) found that half the children are not sufficiently hydrated. In boys was recorded the highest level of dehydration.

Mild dehydration in children is associated with reduction in cognitive functions and worse outcomes in school.

Researchers say that children in the United States and Europe do not consume the recommended daily amount of water. This tool will enable them to improve their habits to consume water.