How Often You Experience Scratching On Your Intimal Parts? Perhaps This Is The Reason!

Sometimes it is normal to feel minimal itching of your intimate areas after going to toilet but, if this is happening often to you probably the main culprit for it is your toilet paper!

Irritation of your anus skin

This condition is known as pruritis/ itching of the anus. As main reasons the hemorrhoids and anal fissures are appearing. Also, there might be present, fecal matter pollution, infections, contact dermatitis, reactions to foods and drugs, allergic reactions and clothes and of course problems with the colon intestine and anal cancer. When you will determine exactly for what is going on, the problem is easy for solving.

Irritation of the skin and the vulva

As result of bacterial, viral or fungal infection, there is appearing welling of the vulva or Vulvovaginitis. The most common symptoms are: abdomen vaginal discharge, itching, burning, tingling, increased urination and the vulva is often red and bulging. It is important to determine the cause so that the treatment can be successful.

The toilet paper can cause irritation of the skin – how to treat it?

The irritation of the intimate parts of the skin can be caused by an allergic reaction caused by the colors in the toilet paper or maybe from the scented accessories in it. Most of the toilet papers contain formaldehyde and interactive components that increase the absorptive power of the paper. The toilet paper which is stronger, thicker, more expensive and it is bleached contains formaldehyde. It can have aloe lotion, alcohol, phosphate, chlorine, peroxides, perfumes, dyes and antibacterial properties. These additives can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, if you determine the cause for irritation of the delicate skin stop using the current toilet paper and replace it with another.


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