How Many Kiwi Are Permissible Daily?


This delicious food has positive effect on the human health. The kiwi is fruit comes from the Actinidia chinensis tropical herb, it has round form, coated with brown bark fiber, the meat inside is green and has a specific, acidulous taste and specific aroma. Lately, often is grown in the continental parts.

This fruit is consumed when it is ripe, fresh and it is used for preparation of pastries, cakes, fruit salads, ice cream, fruit yoghurt and juices. The kiwi can strength your immunity, regulate your blood pressure, help in digestion, serve as treatment for respiratory illness, headache and stress. With regular intake of fresh kiwi, the amount of the triglycerides is reducing by 15%, it helps in the healing of wounds, maintains the hair, teeth and gums healthy, improves the absorption of iron and acts positively on the digestive system. It is widespread use in the cosmetic industry, because it is abundant in vitamin C and fruit acids and this is why it is used in creams and lotions for face and body. It protects the skin from drying and makes it soft and beautiful. It regulates the excretion of fat, lowers the extended pores and slows the aging.

The kiwi contains two parts more potassium than the bananas and also it is more abundant in vitamin C from the orange, kiwi contains 2.5 grams of fiber which obstructs loss of energy when you are hungry. 2 kiwi daily have 100 calories but, can provide you sufficient energy for doing the everyday activities. But still do not overeat, you should not consume more than 2 to 3 kiwi daily because you can cause allergic reactions.


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