How Can Used Teabag Help You?


All of us throw teabags once they have been used. But, most of us are not aware how healing and helpful used teabags can be. By using already used teabags you will also save some money.

Tea’s healing benefits are quite well known. However, used tea bags are more than often neglected.

Once you use the bags, you are throwing them in the garbage without knowing they can be useful to clean and remove odor.

If you have been stung by mosquito or a bee, you got burned or have a bruise, apply used cold tea bags onto the affected area and watch as your problem fades away.

If you have a problem with dark circles under the eyes or swollen bags under your eyes, you will solve the problem so that you put used tea bags onto your eye lids and let them act for a few minutes.

Neutralize unpleasant smell of shoes by putting used tea bags in them and let them do their magic overnight.

Find out how can tea bags help your health and in the household by watching this video: