Hot Ginger Coating: Reduce Waistline Overnight

You want to have a taut body? Try the ginger coating we will present bellow in this article. By consuming ginger you will be able to accelerate the metabolism, and thus will lose some weight. A similar effect has a layer of ginger. Learn how to do it:

Ingredients needed:

-- 1 tablespoon of powdered ginger (or freshly ground)

-- Several tablespoons of body lotion

-- Plastic foil

-- Terry cloth

-- Elastic bandage

Method of preparation and way of use:

Soak the terry cloth in warmer water, and then wrap it around your waist or body part on which you want to apply the ginger coating. Leave the hot towel for a few minutes to expand the pores of the skin. You can repeat this procedure in order for the pores to expand more.

Mix the ginger with body lotion and apply a thick layer of the resulting mixture onto the wanted area. Then wrap with plastic transparent foil several times. Place elastic bandage over the foil. Do not tighten too much, you should feel comfortable. Leave on for about 4 hours and if you do not have any problem you can leave it throughout the night. In the beginning you will feel tingling, but it is nothing scary, it is proof that the coating acts. This mask is good, because ginger reduces the accumulated fat in the body.

The result will be better if you are persistent, and practice eating healthy and exercising regularly. Also with the addition of ginger in your daily diet you will increase the effect of this mask and will lose more inches in the waist.

Note: The results vary from one person to another. The lost inches depend on your metabolism, diet and activities.