Honey Ginger Garlic Recipe that Enhances your Immune System

Use this honey, ginger and garlic recipe that enhances your immune system to get through those flu seasons without being down for any length of time.

Honey, ginger and garlic separately have certain properties that keep the body healthy. Therefore, when used in one combination, the three ingredients make it so your immune system gets a natural boost and can fight off disease with minimal effects.

The Benefits of Lemon, Ginger And Honey

Lemon provides Vitamin C and helps cut down on mucous, as well as inflammation and swelling in the body. It also neutralizes free radicals that can cause issues within the body.

Ginger helps settle the stomach, fights flu by promoting healthy sweating which comes in handy for detoxification and also reduces dizziness.

Honey soothes your throat and also provides help to the immune system and the production of white blood cells, which fight diseases. Honey also cuts down on your chance of fever.

Use as Cough Syrup

Use two or three lemons, three tablespoons of ginger and honey mixed together in two mason jars to fight a persistent cough. Use half of the lemons and half of the ginger in each of the two jars and fill each jar with honey. Store for two months but wait at least 24 hours to use.

Use only one spoonful of the syrup each time your throat is irritated. You can simply swallow the syrup or you can add it to a cup of hot water to get additional comfort.

You can take this when you are not sick as a proactive measure during the winter months. It helps to keep your immune system heightened to fight off germs. Simply take one spoonful each day to give your immune system that maximum boost without overdoing it so the syrup no longer provides benefits that you can note.

Everyone knows that being in close quarters and kept inside during the winter are a bad combination and an invitation to get sick due to the fact everyone is sharing the same stale air and germs run rampant. Therefore, the use of this syrup as a counter-measure is a smart move so you can avoid missing work or being sick during a good portion of the year.

It can be helpful for students as well, since they breathe recirculated air during their school hours five days each week.

These three things are usually found in your kitchen, and it is no small miracle that they can fight germs and prevent your need of anything from the medicine cabinet during the worst germ season of the year. Therefore, it is not something to ignore and forget about. Instead, take this daily or keep it handy for when you do get sick, and you will not regret having it on hand. The mixture can go a long way toward keeping you healthy or making you well much more quickly than simply toughing your way through the flu.

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