Homemade Serum With Vitamin C – Recipe For Rejuvenating And Removing Stains


Serums that contain high percent of vitamin C provide firm, smooth and young skin. Dermatologists and cosmetologists consider this revolutionary product to be a big step in skin care and they often recommend it to their patients.

Californian aesthetic clinics recommend it before and after facial rejuvenation laser treatment. That significantly contributed to this product’s popularity.

Vitamin C is necessary for synthesis of the collagen – protein which is responsible for skin’s structure and firmness. Thanks to the newly created collagen, it fills wrinkles and improves skin’s overall structure.

The product’s efficiency has been confirmed by the numerous clinical studies conducted. It has been found that it also possesses anti-aging effect when it comes to correcting skin’s structural damages and that it modifies microstructure and reduces dept of the wrinkles.

You have most likely felt vitamin C’s benefits while fighting cold or just by making you feel better.

Human’s body has strict mechanisms which control the amount of vitamin C meant for the skin, because of which sometimes neither orange nor vitamin C mega-doses pills can help your face. If you are a smoker, your blood vessels will have trouble supplying your face with the needed nutrients.

This is why direct rubbing of vitamin C in skin is the only way you can force your skin to additionally creates collagen. But, do not think you can simply use orange or lemon juice for achieving that. This way you may not only cause skin irritation, but you may also slow the rejuvenating effect.

Mainly, in C-serum products, vitamin C is technologically adapted for deep penetration into the skin where its action only makes sense. You should also pay attention to the amount of active materials because it must be just enough so it can stimulate reconstruction of skin cells while acting not too aggressively.

The bad news is this serum is too expensive. However, the good news is you can prepare the serum at home for drastically lower price. In addition we will present you the recipe:

Ingredients needed:

-- 1 teaspoon of powdered ascorbic acid

-- 1 teaspoon of glycerin

-- 3 teaspoons of distillated water

-- ¼ of a teaspoon of vitamin E (liquid, in a form of capsules)

It is very important not to use metal utensils while preparing this recipe. Instead, use plastic, ceramic, wooden or glass.

Method of preparation:

Put the distillated water and ascorbic acid in a bowl. Stir the mixture from 30 to 60 minutes. The stirring process lasts as long because crystals of ascorbic acid need to completely be dissolved, and that process lasts long.

Do not heat the water if you think it will speed the process. That way you will only destroy it.

Once you are done stirring, add the glycerin and vitamin E. In case you use capsules, make a hole in them, using needle, in order to squeeze out their content. Vitamin E acts as an additional antioxidant and stabilizer.

Transfer the resulting serum in dark glass bottle, using pipette, and remember to stir it before each use.

Keep the bottle in dark area.

In case you have oily skin, you can reduce the amount of glycerin. Actually, you can prepare the serum without glycerin. If you decide not to put glycerin you should not put vitamin E as well because it is not water dissolvable.

Such serum is prone to faster oxidation.

And the final result – the resulting serum needs to transparent liquid, possibly whitish.


Both homemade serum and bought C-serum are prone to oxidation. This is why you should prepare new serum as soon as you notice your already prepared serum changes color or turns yellowish. Yellowish serum will damage your face rather than helping it.

Way of usage:

The best time to use the serum is in the morning after you have washed your face.

Apply the serum on completely dry skin and let it act for 20, or, even better, for 40 minutes.

After half an hour you can rinse the serum because it has already done its work.

In case you do not have too much time in the morning, you can practice this method in the evening.

There is no need for this serum’s everyday usage because vitamin C is active in the skin for 2 whole days. Apply the serum on the neck, neckline and arms as well. Your skin will be grateful.

This serum’s benefits:

-- Vitamin C increases skin’s resistance to sun’s harmful radiation.

-- Your skin will become very bright, healthier, tightened and your pores and wrinkles will be reduced.

-- Since vitamin C is an antioxidant, it means it fights free radicals which harm the skin.

-- It reduces pigmented stains and spots caused by acne.

-- If you apply the serum only seasonally, in the mean time, free radicals could damage the skin more than the serum can sanitize afterwards. This is why you need to use the serum regularly, on every 2 to 3 days.

This serum does not cost much and yet it is better than bought one. Try it out and follow the instructions.