Homemade Balm To Regulate The Function Of The Thyroid Gland

Fresh juniper berries and honey are natural and the only ingredients you need for making this home balm…

Did you know that juniper berries are extremely good when it comes to regulating the function of the thyroid gland?

Recipe for the natural remedy

Ingredients needed:

-- 300 grams of fresh juniper berries

-- 1 kg of organic natural honey

First wash the juniper berries well and then ground them in meat grinder. Add the honey in the ground berries and mix well. Once you get homogeneous mixture store it in the refrigerator. You should consume one tablespoon of the remedy three times throughout the day.

Women are 10 times more prone to thyroid problems compared to men. This gland is located under the throat and produces hormones, which, among other things, regulate body temperature, metabolism in general and heart’s function. Things can get complicated if the thyroid gland works more or less then it should.

What can cause bad thyroid function?

The causes might be -- genetics, autoimmune attack, pregnancy, stress, lack of nutrients, toxins in the living environment etc.