Here’s The Real Deal With Drinking Activated Charcoal

Lemonade is a healthy and refreshing beverage. But, have you ever heard about the new version of this drink?

We are talking about black lemonade. It is the latest trend that is gaining momentum in the US, particularly in specialized nutrition and wellness stores. Black lemonade got its name because it contains a small dose of activated charcoal which gives the black color. It is already one of the most popular drinks for detoxification.

Activated charcoal is used to treat diarrhea and problems with intestinal bacteria, but also in hospitals to patients who have poisoning and overdose of different drugs. Yoga instructors consume it when combined with lemonade, also instructors in the gym and all who are interested in improving metabolism and expulsion of toxins from the body.

However, doctors recommend consuming black lemonade after a two-hour break from taking any medicaments. After consuming it, you should expect your stool to be with black color.