Here Which Diseases Can Be Healed With Baked And Cooked Onion

Onions can help you treat many diseases.

In this article we will present several natural onion based remedies that will help you in the treatment process of various diseases.

Baked onion

If you are dealing with wounds and ulcers -- wash the affected area and them apply previously baked onion onto it.

If you have problems with blood coagulation then you need to eat one fried onion head (in olive oil) on a daily basis.

Apply coating made of warm baked onion onto the ear and hold it there for several minutes if you want to treat inflamed ear.

Baked onion is applied onto the skin for treating various tumor types.

Cooked onion

For frequent urination and ulcers, chop 1 onion and mix it with 2 dl of water and 1 tablespoon of honey. Then cook it with a little rosemary, 2 dl of wine and 2 dl of water. Drink 1 tablespoon of the resulting remedy on every hour.

Onion coatings

In cases of headaches, swellings, pain in the ears and colds, you should apply chopped onions coatings on the inflamed areas.

Place chopped onion coatings onto the soles in order to get rid of high body temperature.

In case of nosebleed, apply chopped onion coatings on the neck.

In case of ulcer of the skin or subcutaneous ulcer, grind some onion and mix it with a little olive oil, then place it on the sore spot and hold for 2 hours.

Onion juice

Finely chop one onion head and squeeze the juice out of it. If you have pneumonia or some other illness, mix the juice with 1 tablespoon of honey. Consume the remedy 2 or 3 times a day.

If you want to prevent hair loss and also to encourage hair growth, then you need to massage your head with onion juice.

Onion juice mixed with water can also heal severe and persistent cough. The same recipe can help you in case of parasites in the intestines.