Here Is Why Drinking Too Much Water During Summer Is Wrong!

Since this summer is very hot do not go out of the house without bottle of water. Experts warn not to exaggerate with “preventive” water intake, especially when you are not thirsty at all. Here is why you should not pour water, even when in greatest heat.

It is highly important to regularly hydrate your body i.e. to get enough fluids. However many people wrongly perceive the everyday appealing to doctors, and overdo with drinking water juices over all measured. The thing is you should not exaggerate with liquids.

The rule is simple, drink water only when you are thirsty even in the greatest heat! When you eat properly, the water in our body enables proper exchange of substances, enhances digestion, eliminates toxins, improves memory and provides healthy working muscles.

Problems arise when the excessive intake of water actually reduces the amount of salt in the body that can cause hyponatremia, known as disorder of the electrolytes.

Fortunately, a simple solution to avoid the situation in the worst cases, which can lead to vomiting, muscle cramps and need for infusion, is to listen to your body.

According to the American magazine “Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine”, there is no need to drink water until you get the feeling of thirst. Even though it is recommended increased consumption of water during summer, excessive preventive intake of water in the body can lead to problems.

So, if you feel thirst, refresh yourself with water but never overdo!