Here Is How To Treat Cracked Lips!


Weather changes, wind and low temperatures are lips’ real enemies. But lips can crack due to certain medications, dehydration of the body etc. However, when your lips crack, here is how to heal and nurture them.

When you wash your teeth at night, make sure you gently brush your lips as well in order to remove dry and damaged cells. Do it carefully with a soft brush by doing circular movements. This will improve blood circulation in the lips. Once you remove the dry parts, apply honey on your lips and leave it on for about ten minutes. Then wash with lukewarm water and apply a lip balm that contains vitamin E. Balms containing almond oil or jojoba oil are also good.

Practice this treatment at night because lips’ skin is best regenerated then. As we grow old, the skin on the lips becomes thinner and more sensitive to external influences. The lips themselves become thinner as well, which is normal natural process. However, if you nurture your lips, they will be beautiful for longer period of time.