Here Is How To Treat Cold Feet And Poor Circulation

Over the years the body becomes more sensitive and many health problems occur, including poor circulation. Weakened blood vessels and long seating are the main factors that contribute to poor circulation.

The first thing most people notice is cold feet. It does not require emergency medical assistance, but indicates that you need to do something in terms of your lifestyle. It is recommended to engage in physical activity, and to focus on the natural medicines, most of which are found in your kitchen shelves.


Water is a key element and our body depends on it. Specifically, water is vital to every function of the body including the proper circulation. If you do not have enough water in your body, blood pressure drops and your circulation slows down. The average amount of water you should drink each day is between 1.5L and 2L.

Hot pepper

This is very useful spice that can be used in several ways: dried, fresh or soft ground -- depends on your taste. When eaten, this commodity causes tingling in the tongue and also makes the cheeks rosy, as a result of increased blood flow in the capillaries.

It must be noted that hot peppers are not recommended if you suffer from dilated blood vessels. In addition, hot pepper increases appetite, so it is best to avoid them in the diet.

Horse chestnut

The extract of horse chestnut is widely known for its health advantage, especially when it comes to blood circulation. Horse chestnut extract contains aeksin, an ingredient that reduces inflammation and strengthens the capillaries.


This root commodity is used as a spice. You can find it in soft ground form and it can be added to tea. Ginger has such an effect that warms the whole body pushing blood to the capillaries of the skin surface.

Ginkgo biloba

This product can be bought in pharmacies in the form of a capsule or pill. This is a great way to stimulate the flow of blood through the capillaries, especially in the brain, which makes this nutritional supplement excellent when it comes to improving the memory.

Essential ginger, cinnamon and rosemary oil

Essential oil expands the capillaries so that the blood comes readily to the surface of the skin, which leads to heating. First read the instructions on the bottle so you know how to mild the oil before massaging.

Fish oil

Fish oil is extremely effective when it comes to cleaning any fat off of the walls of the blood vessels, which contributes to proper blood circulation. In addition, fish oil increases the good cholesterol in the body.

You can enter it in your organism by consuming fish, once a week or by taking dietary supplements.


Garlic is an excellent antibiotic, and can be taken in various ways. It is extremely useful if consumed daily when crushed and mixed with a teaspoon of honey.

The more you consume garlic the more it improves the health of blood vessels. Garlic lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It also maintains the density of blood and prevents blood clots.