Help In Stretching Or Inflammation Of The Muscles

The human body is composed of 327 steam and 2 odd muscles. Muscles together with the bones and joints make up the system to move. Muscle mass is 45-50% of the total body weight. Sometimes, after arduous exercise, you may feel pain in every muscle.

Muscles are made up of muscle fibers bonded with tissue that acts as a contraction. We often link stretched muscles to muscles that were too congested or too weak, but may also be tired and causing stabbing pain. When a muscle is stretched or damaged, it is usually due to inflammation.

Weekend athletes and those who exercise less frequently, especially those who do not take into account that you need to warm up a bit so you can warm the muscles up before hiking or cycling, are the most prone to stretch muscles.

There are a few simple things you can do to ease swelling. Apply ice to the injured area and rest the muscles -- it should help you.

However, the real “recovery” for injured muscles is performed by the very cells of the body, and for such a challenge the organism requires additional fuel. The following supplements can contribute to healing and partially mitigate the unpleasantness brought by injuries of this type.


Bioflavonoids (flavonoids) -- These chemicals are found in grapes, onions, red peppers and citrus fruits. The action in combination with vitamin C helps strengthen walls of the capillaries. They are also able to successfully treat bruises.

In a study conducted at the College of San Jose, the frequency of injuries in various sports activities decreased by 5%, and recovery of muscle damage increased by 50% among those athletes taking bioflavonoids and vitamin C.

Researchers from Louisiana State University recently reported that the number of stretched muscles due to injury while playing football decreased by 50% in those taking bioflavonoids and vitamin C. 48 players took part in this survey and those taking bioflavonoids and vitamin C had less bruising and were recovering from the stretched muscles faster.

Vitamin Е

When it comes to physical and mental health, exercise is great, but there is one downside: your body is forced to consume more oxygen, which, in return leads to the production of more free radicals. Free radicals can cause significant damage to body cells. In fact, a part of what we look like a taut muscle may be due to damage that is inflicted by free radicals.

Vitamin E is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants, which help prevent some injuries that are caused by the exercise.

B -- complex

When your body is under stress -- caused by strenuous physical exercise -- you need to strengthen your organism with extra amounts of B vitamin.

Efficient healing plants

Arnica oil

It can be bought from healthy food stores. This fat is great for treating tired muscles, but if the skin is damaged, it can cause irritation.

Eucalyptus oil

The ointment is made from eucalyptus tree and can contribute to a better blood flow through the muscles which are inflamed.

Grape seed extract

This supplement has a rich content of protective bioflavonoids, and it can help relieve inflammation.