Healthy Snacks for Kids

Children learn healthy habits from an early age. Instead of teaching your children to eat unhealthy, fatty and salty or sweet snacks you can offer snacks that will provide the necessary nutrients (vitamins, minerals) and will give them the right amount of energy.

Healthy Snacks for Kids

Here are some suggestions.

For Starters

Exclude unhealthy snacks and junk food from your home. When such food will be “at hand”, your kids will not eat it. So, you will wean those kinds of food and you will save your kids from this bad habit which only contributes to increased weight. You can be perfect example to your children by eating healthy snacks and food, since they are your kids, they will eat the way you eat.

Choose Integrally Pastry

Pastry of wheat contains many fibers, and also provides a lot of energy needed for children’s play and everyday activities.

Combine and be different

For example, serve sticks of raw vegetables with homemade tomato puree, which is delicious and does not contains unhealthy fats. Or, you can offer your kids fruit topping made out of homemade fruit yogurt.

Important diversity -- Surprise your children with pineapple, cranberry, soy, etc…

Healthy Snacks for Kids

Breakfast Snacks

Serve the food that is usually served for breakfast, food such as integral toast or boiled egg, but certainly in combination with some vegetables.

Do not Neglect Sweets

Prepare the kids’ cookies with whole raw sunflower seeds, pumpkin or sesame seeds. Feel free to add some fruit. Make interesting shapes that catch the attention of your child. Of course you try the food first, and then offer your child.

Important is to be Fun 🙂

Integral bread or wholegrain pasta can be served in ​​variety of interesting pieces and forms (use the molds for cakes).

Try to offer your kids to eat fruit cut into small pieces with chop sticks. Make a whole tower of biscuits and write letters with integrated salted sticks make funny faces using different fruits and vegetables.



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