Healthy Drinks For Tropical Heat

fruit juices

There are a lot of varieties when it comes to healthy tropical drinks which can be with sugar or sugar-free or even with fresh fruits and vegetables or artificial flavors.

The selection is so large that it can satisfy all tastes, and most of the times, the taste is the main criterion for the choice of drink. But in the summer it is best to consume only water, fruit juices and teas.


Without water there is no life. It transports nutrients throughout the body, a way to regulate bodily functions, the work of individual organs and the organism in general, eliminate harmful substances from the body and maintains body temperature.

Without enough fluids our body begins to feel fatigue and we have a headache. The lack of water is particularly visible on the skin. Water keeps our skin soft, supple and above all young.

Fruit juices

Fruit juices are healthy, but be careful! Many packaged types contain extra sugars and additives. Best fruit juice is the one that you will prepare on your own with a combination of flavors that you like.

If you are too lazy just read the Declaration of the product and buy the one on which is written “100 percent fruit content”.

Tea is one of the best summer drinks that will quench thirst. Thanks to stimulus compounds (theobromine, caffeine) tea acts as a tonic for the nervous and blood system and it is ideal for fighting exhaustion.

Contains almost twice as much caffeine than coffee, but since it is bound to tannins, tea seems to be far less “aggressive”. Moreover, the difference between these drinks is that one cup of tea contains less caffeine (30-50 milligrams per 150 milliliters) than one cup of coffee (45-100 mg per 25 ml).

But still, you should be careful because tea can cause insomnia and nervousness. You should not drink tea more than 4-5 cups a day.


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