The Healthiest Food in the World: It can Lower Cholesterol & Blood Pressure, Prevents Heart Attack & Stroke…

Dates are highly nutritional and beneficial to your health. It will strengthen your heart and help you combat stroke and heart attack. It will also help you lower your blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Dates are a very rich source of iron which is great for anemic patients as a 100 grams of dates offers about 0.90 mg of iron.

This makes up about 11% of your body’s daily recommended iron requirement. Iron forms part of the hemoglobin component in red blood cells and this is important in conveying oxygen through the blood to all parts of the body including your muscles and vital organs.

Iron is especially useful for pregnant women, children and prepubescent teenagers.

Here are some health benefits of dates:

  • It Will Help To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Dates are rich in potassium and low in their sodium content. They are also rich in magnesium and it is believed that if you eat about 5 to 6 dates daily you will be consuming about 80 mgs of magnesium which is a mineral that helps to expand your blood vessels and studies have shown that 370 mgs consumed daily will help lower your blood pressure.

  • It Helps With Constipation

Dates are rich in dietary fiber and is therefore great in solving your constipation concerns. You can keep some dates in clean water overnight and in the morning drink the water as the dates release their juices into the water and these have potent laxative properties to help with your bowel movement.

  • It Helps To Stop Diarrhea

The potassium in dates are useful in stopping diarrhea and also dates help to revitalise your body’s intestinal flora which helps to keep the body’s stomach stable.

  • Dates Will Lower Your Cholesterol Level

You can get to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) when you consume dates. LDL can cause blood clots and even heart attacks.

  • Dates Help To Regulate Your Body Weight

When you eat dates in large quantities you get a feeling of satiety and when you eat less you will do not gain excessive weight. However, while dates contain no cholesterol they do have sugar so if you consume excessive amounts of dates you can spike up your blood sugar level.

  • They Help To Combat Stroke

Dates help to regulate your nervous system as they are rich in potassium. Researchers have revealed that 400 mgs of potassium may lower your risk of stroke by as much as 40%.

  • Dates Will Strengthen Your Heart

If you have a weak heart, it is advisable you consume dates. You can soak dates in water overnight and at room temperature by the next morning take out the dates from the water and remove the seeds and blend them in a blender with the water. You can consume the mixture several times daily to help strengthen your heart.