Headache Will Be Gone Within Two Minutes: Little Bit Of Water And Salt Perfectly Deals With This Problem

You have a headache and immediately reach for medication? Why do not you try a simple recipe of folk medicine?

If you have a severe headache and high blood pressure, try the following popular drug that relieves pain within just a few minutes.

Ingredients needed:

-- 2 teaspoons of salt

-- 250 ml of water

-- A piece of gauze

Method of preparation:

Fold the piece of gauze several times in order to get a piece with the size of your forehead. Warm the water a little, and then add the salt and stir well in order to dissolve. Wash your forehead, ears and neck with warm water, and soak the gauze in the solution of water and salt and drain the excess liquid. Apply a little of the solution onto the forehead, neck and ears and lie down until you feel the pain is gone. Lie for about twenty minutes holding the coating onto your forehead.

Headaches can be caused by certain foods, soft drinks, alcohol and various processed food.

The large intake of salt in the body often causes increased blood pressure and swelling, but these coatings will really help you because they derive excess fluid from the organism.


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