Close up of old man drinking water from glass

He Decided To Drink Four Liters Of Water For A Month: The Changes Were Shocking!

One reported decided to drink 4 liters of water for a month. He did expected some changes but for many thing he was not prepared.

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Day 1: The fun begins!

The first day this reporter decided to buy a bottle with water of 4 liters. He carried the bottle everywhere with him. He tought that it would be difficult but it was more than he imagined.

Day 5: He went to the bathroom for every 20

This guy really loved to drink water he drinked it even when he was not thirsty. The only change that was happening was the feeling of less hunger. In addition, he went to the bathroom every 20 minutes.

Day 10: He became more beautiful!

He says that he woke up completely fresh and full of energy. His hair got new shine and he started to feel better.

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Day 15: He was filled with surplus energy

He had more energy. He no longer needed coffee. When he went at night to run, he felt faster than ever. He slept better and every next change was surprisingly positive.

Day 20: The people around him told him that he looked happier!

Day 25: He became a better person

The frequent  bathroom visits continued and his skin became cleaner.

Day 30: Free and clean

This reporter advises everyone to drink plenty of water because with his experience he proves that the water makes you feel much better in every way both internally and externally.

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