Have You Even Questioned Yourself About The Product You Eat Cooked In Aluminum Foil?

Be careful, do not use too often aluminum foil for cooking! Avoid it as much as you can!

The aluminum foil is actually very multifunctional, it used in kitchen and also used in folk medicine. Nobody ever thinks that aluminum can actually damage health, although certain amounts of aluminum can be found in water, food and air.

Poisoning from aluminum is a serious problem today.

If the body daily is exposed to more and more aluminum, then it starts accumulating in the organism. The body has incredible power to do self-cleanse from toxins and heavy metals but it still has its limits of work. Over time, aluminum is deposited in the organs, bones and other body tissues. Aluminum poisoning can be a serious problem, manifested by bone pain, muscle weakness, seizures and confusion. At children it can cause slowdown in growth and develop. It can cause serious problems such as brain diseases, nervous system diseases, lung problems and anemia. Studies show that the exposure to aluminum in pregnancy can cause deformity and abnormal development of the fetus.


Where is the aluminum present?

First of all, multiple medicines ex: aspirin and multivitamins have aluminum. If you consume too many of them you are already in risk to accumulate too much aluminum in the organism. Beside medication, aluminum is in taken daily through food considering the fact that many dishes are made from it. While cooking and storing food, the metal may contaminate the food.

How to protect yourself from aluminum?

When the amounts of exposure to the body are little, the aluminum can be easily erased. It is best to be avoided but sometimes we are not even aware that we already are exposed to it. Be careful and do not buy foods that are covered with it and while you prepare food in aluminum after cooking immediately transfer the food into another container.

Do not leave food in sealed aluminum foil, use plastic for it.

Avoid canned and processed food. Eat only freshly prepared meals.


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