Harmful Chemicals In The Peel Of Apples: The Video Reveals What We Actually Eat!

The apple is fruit that is the most poisoned with pesticides and harmful chemicals. They are the most used fruit of the world. With its regular consumption many health difficulties can be prevented.

But, apples are also one of the fruits that are most poisoned with pesticides and harmful chemicals. Before leverage, apples are sprayed 12 times a year and all of this happens because they want to give beautiful and resistant look to it so, sometimes they even treat it with wax. Although, experts recommend consumption of apples from organic origin, sometimes it is difficult to know for sure whether the fruit is treated with harmful chemicals or not.

For fruit and vegetables with peel, to clear the pesticides there is a natural recipe with baking soda, water and vinegar. Mix 2/3 water, 1/3 vinegar and half a teaspoon of baking soda. Leave the fruit inside this mixture for a few minutes and then wash it off with plain water.

Watch the video!

Watch this before eating an apple

Posted by Wow Videos on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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