It Happens To You On A Daily Basis And You Are Wondering If You Need To Visit Your Doctor?


Your bone or a joint happens to squeaks on a daily basis and you are wondering if this should worry you or not? If these occurrences happen often, it may be time for you to see a doctor.


Did you know that is your elbow squeaks and hurts while moving it can become “blocked”? There is a possibility that the joint has a piece of bone or cartilage the size of a grain of sand which “walks” in the wrist. If you feel tingling you may have trapped nerves which can cause some complications. If this is happening to you, make sure you visit your doctor.


It is usual to hear a strong and short sound made by your hips. It occurs when part of the string that supports your leg moves on the outside. It is possible to feel pain, but do not panic because it is not serious. This especially happens to young women and it can be removed by stretching exercises.


Shoulder cracking is linked to age. If you have less than 35 years then it must be caused by relaxed tendons and a binding tissue. This occurrence probably often happens at your workplace. The good thing is you can make it disappear with physical therapy.


Remember your parents’ advice not to crack your fingers because your hands will shake when you get older? They were wrong. When you are pulling your fingers you are actually stretching the small bag that contains a protective liquid which is located in the joints. This way you are feeling soothing effect and pressure relief.


There are several explanations for ankle cracking occurrence: some old injuries, sprains or twisted joint. Tendons are weakened and do not hold the wrist and ankle while straining out of the slot. Loud cracking sound and severe pain on the outside of the heel is a sign that the “Achilles’ tendon is damaged.


Have you ever felt cracking in your knees while kneeling? By lowering down we are actually applying seven times more pressure to our knees than our total weight. At this point, your tissue is “protesting”. In order to save your knees you need to do exercises that strengthen the muscles around the knee.


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