Hair Mask Made Of One Ingredient To Accelerate Hair Growth, Help Against Dandruff And Hydrates The Hair!

This is simple and quite effective mask that will recover your hair’s shine and health. It consists of a single ingredient -- yogurt. Yogurt has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties, stimulates scalp skin and accelerates the growth of hair. Yogurt is perfect in the fight against dandruff and itching. It is rich in protein and therefore hydrates and strengthens the hair.

Massage the hair roots with yogurt. Massage well and then apply it to the entire length of the hair and massage well again. Leave the yogurt to act for approximately an hour, and maybe even longer. Rinse the hair with lukewarm water, and then wash it in the usual way with shampoo.

If you want to provide a protein treatment to your hair, then stir an egg in some yogurt. Egg white strengthens and reinforces hair and the yolk hydrates and gives shine to the hair. Apply this mixture same as with the yogurt, but do not let the mask act for more than one hour. Rinse your hair with warm water, and then wash it with shampoo.