How to Grow Pineapple at Home? – Follow These Easy Steps!

Even though Hawaii is not pineapples’ native region, mostly they are grown there. Namely, pineapples originate from South America. However, most of pineapple supplies come from Southeast Asia. This fruit’s edible part is its core and if you consume it moderately, you can gain numerous health benefits.

However, keep in mind that even though pineapple’s skin is not at all poisonous, eating it unripe may cause some toxic effects.

This tasty fruit needs three years before it reaches stage of maturity. Did you know that instead of buying pineapples you can grow them at home? In order to achieve this, follow the instructions we are about to present in addition to this article.

Do not worry about the non-tropical climate because pineapples can also be low maintenance home-grown plants as well. They can prosper in different climate conditions.

If you decided you want to grow pineapple(s) at home, you will need to buy one first. Make sure it is firm fruit with green leaves. Its skin should be golden-brown. However, make sure the fruit you choose is not unripe. In order to be able to grow a new fruit, the pineapple you have bought has to be ripe.

Grab the pineapple’s body with one hand and grab-twist its leaves with the other one. This way you will be sure the leave’s base stays intact.

Next thing you need to do is strip off some of fruit’s lower part leaves in order to expose its stem. This way you will enable the stem to sprout roots.

Turn the pineapple piece upside down and let stand still for a week in order to completely dry. It is recommended you leave the piece in a dry area with direct sunlight. The place, which you have previously cut, will get harder.

Fill a big glass bowl with clean water and put the fruit’s crown inside. Remember to change the water on every three days. Put the pineapple crown away from high temperatures (for example, heating vents). This process’ part lasts for three weeks. After that period of time, you will notice root growth onto the bottom of the crown. This is the part where you need to perform the next step -- planting the crown.

Prepare a pot of soil consisted of 30% of blend organic matter. Plant the crown inside it. Next thing to do is gently press the soil around the pineapple crown. Make sure you do not get any soil onto the leaves.

The plant needs warm, humid and sunny environment. Also, you will need to lightly water the plant once a week.

This is the longest part and may take a few years. This is the reason why many people do not grow pineapples at home. However, if you are willing to endure this process until the end, you should notice a red cone coming from the center of the leaves. This change should happen after some time, followed by somehow strange blue flowers. Later on, the fruit will appear. The fruit will need another six months to completely develop.

If all the above instructions are not enough for you to completely understand the whole process of growing pineapple at home, take a look at the following video:

Source: Your  Food Corner


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