Greek Therapy For Cleansing The Digestive Tract


Good and healthy digestive system is one of the basis of good health and overall functioning of the body. All diseases are most often caused by foods and toxins we enter through our daily diet.

Cleansing and waste disposal from the digestive tract is one of the best and healthiest things a man can do for their body and health.

A Greek folk doctor developed a special method for treatment of this problem called therapy with mashed wheat. The therapy is designed and used against diseases of the digestive tract, i.e., cleansing the intestines and stomach as well as for overall cleaning and regeneration of the whole body with a simple, fast and very efficient and successful way

The therapy is applied in the following way:

Depending on the condition and body weight of the person, half to one pound of wheat grain needs to be prepared on a daily basis. The wheat grain needs to be boiled in plain water for 3 to 4 hours.

The wheat needs to be soaked with water in a big container and boiled until you get thick and slurry paste. While cooking it is necessary to stir the mixture in order not to burn it and add more water if necessary.

Once you are done cooking, strain the resulting mixture through soil sieve in order to remove uncooked wheat peels.

Divide the resulting mixture in four parts and eat it throughout the day. You must not eat anything else that day, expect for cooked fruit in a form of compote. Also, you must not drink anything besides water.

Depending on the condition of your body, this treatment is conducted from 5 to 15 days, feeding yourselves by the described way. You will notice your body and digestive tract getting clean of toxins and very soon. You overall health will also be improved.

This remedy contains enough calories so you will not feel exhausted.

Thanks to this therapy, your stomach and intestines will be released from various harmful residues. Also inflammation of the intestinal wall will soothe and your red lining will recover and your whole organism will be purified. This is due to protein wheat that becomes easily digestible while cooking.

Such prepared wheat absorbs more water and together with starchy glue creates ideal soluble mass which dissolves thoroughly in the internal walls of the intestines and stomach and painlessly ejects the whole waste.

Cleansing the intestine is of particular importance if the body often suffers from gastric and intestinal upsets, has digestive disturbances, bloating, loss of appetite, cramps, high acidity, burping, inflammation of the colon, stomach ulcer, skin allergies and dirty skin.