Grape Seeds More Efficient Than Chemotherapy


Who would have thought that this ancient form of healing can assist in the treatment of cancer. Comparing the bioactive compounds found in grape seed extract (GSE) to chemotherapy may not be such a laughable idea, when considering the fact that chemotherapy can cause cancer remission, which can be 10 times stronger from the previously diagnosed cancer.

A recent research, conducted in Colorado’s Center for Cancer Research, has proved that grape seed extract helps prevent the spreading of cancer and helps destroy cancer cells.

People who suffer from colorectal cancer will soon be able to quit chemotherapy, scientists claim.

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Researchers explain that grape seed extract attacks multiple cell mutations, helping eliminate and preventing the spreading of cancer throughout the body. Only 150 to 250 milligrams of GSE can help support the treatment of colorectal cancer. This extract can also affect numerous other diseases as well.


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