Grandma’s Remedies For Which Medicine Does Not Have Explanation


In this article we will present you grandma’s (folk) remedies that were used in the past for which medicine neither have accurate explanation nor substitute.

The recipes were transferred from generation to generation because even though they are simple, they are also very efficient. Here are some of them.


In the past people hardly even went to the doctor when they come across tonsils problems because folk medicines seemed to work excellent. Disinfect your index finger, put some alcohol and sugar on it and place it deep in the kid’s oral cavity. Press both affected tonsils in order to squeeze out the fester. There you go; no more inflammation. The only risk you will come across is if the kid bites you.

However, this should be done by a person with experience.

Back pain

Back pain, even cold, have been treated with glasses. Let the patient lie on its back. Take small glasses and burn little bit of cotton wool which you should quickly place into the glass and press the glass opening onto the back. The cotton will not burn the person’s skin but it will vacuum it. This way the pains should be gone after one treatment.

This method should also be done by someone with previous experience if you want to avoid the risk of being burned.

Insect bite

Our grandma’s used ash or soil. They applied ash or soil onto the affected area and rub it until the sting comes out. They sometimes used basil.

Tonsil pains

If you suffer from pain in the tonsils you should massage the area between your thumb and your index finger. There should be little lump on which you should focus. If there is infection, you will feel pain when you will apply pressure onto this area. If there is no pain and no lump, it means you are not dealing with an infection.

Stuffy nose

Put chopped garlic and onion near your sleeping area.

Increased body temperature

Put on socks soaked in wine vinegar because this trick will help you reduce your increased body temperature.

Throat pain

Tie a handkerchief soaked in a mixture made of heated fat and black pepper or garlic and heated schnapps.

Against swelling

Cabbage leaf reduces swellings. If you want to get rid of a bump, chew on some bread and place it onto the bump. You can also place a coin onto the bump as well.

Against warts

Pick a fig leaf. As soon as the leaf starts secreting its white liquid, apply the liquid onto the wart you want to get rid of.

Against hair loss

Rub some garlic onto the place where your hair starts falling off. You will notice results after a week if you practice this procedure on a daily basis.

Against cough

Basil or cumin tea.

Against headache

Fasten a piece of fresh potato onto your head.

Against toothache

Mashed garlic in combination with salt.

Against diarrhea

Peel and chop one apple. Steam-cook the apple until it softens. Eat one apple a day.


Eat rice dish.

Cracked voice

Gargle with salt water or with chamomile or parsley tea. Consuming one raw egg will also help you overcome this health condition.

Bad breath

Chew on some fresh parsley.

Against stomach acids

Swallow olive seed or several rice grains.


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