Grandma’s Recipe Against Joint Pains


Our grandmas always have solutions when it comes to treating different kinds of diseases, health conditions, and pains. Today we will present how to get rid of joint pains using the recipe found below.

If you are dealing with joint pain, ankle pain, or you feel like you have tons of pressure in your feet, this combination will make you forget all about drugstore bought creams and gels.

Ingredients needed:

– 300 ml of 70 % drugstore bought alcohol

– 100 ml of povidone iodine

– 10 Aspirin pills

Method of preparation:

Mix the povidone iodine with the alcohol and add the pills in the combination afterwards. Let the mixture stand still in a dark area for three weeks. Apply multiple coats of the mixture to the affected areas.

This remedy will help you against arthritis, back pain, and everything linked to joints, bones, and muscles.


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