Grandma’s Advice on Burned Tongue, Stuffy Nose ….


Iron burns

Sometimes you touch the iron when it’s still hot and burn yourself. This can leave a mark if the burn is intense.

Grandma’s advice: Cut an onion in half and place it onto the burned area until you feel relief.

Tongue burns

People often burn their tongue, especially those who do not have the patience to wait for food to cool.

Grandma’s advice: Take a sip of vinegar, rinse your mouth and tongue thoroughly, and spit it out. The pain should stop, or at least be reduced, almost instantly.

Stuffy nose

Every time you catch a cold, you deal with a stuffy nose.

Grandma’s advice: Put a pinch of sugar onto hot plates. When the sugar starts smoking, breathe it in through your nose. This helps to unclog your stuffy nose..

Against yawning

Do you ever catch yourself constantly yawning while with friends? If so, you know how uncomfortable it can make you.

Grandma’s advice: Use the tip of your tongue to tickle the upper part of your oral cavity. This should make the yawning stop.


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