Got 10 Minutes? It’ll Change Your Life


Having a strong daily ritual is beneficial for your body health and overall well­-being. Successful people all around the world, from Tony Robbins to Oprah, all speak to the power behind their rituals.

Here’s a seven­-part routine that helps lighten your life: whether you’re weighed down, or you’re in a dark place, or you’re just looking for personal improvements that don’t take long. Each part of this routine takes 10 minutes, but it doesn’t need to be a full routine.

Any or all of these methods help brighten your mood, your day, and your life.

10 Minutes of Yoga

First thing in the morning is the best time to practice yoga. It wakes up the mind and gets the blood flowing in the body. A quick session in the morning helps your body deal with being stuck behind a desk all day, and a session at night can help calm and focus the mind.

10 Minutes of Meditation

Speaking of calming and focusing the mind, try meditation! The best time to meditate is first thing in the morning (maybe after a morning yoga routine). This will give you a good relaxed foundation to a normally hectic day.

10 Minutes of Gratitude

Staying positive is a great way to… well, stay positive. Give yourself 10 minutes to be grateful for all the amazing things in your life. Think about yesterday and only the good things that happened. You’ll soon start to notice how much good comes from every day.

10 Minutes of Visualizing

Start your day off right: by visualizing where you want to be in life. Even though you’ve only just woken up, dive back into a dream – imagine your dream life and what it consists of. What people are you with? Where are you? Where do you work? Focus on your best possible you. Visualize then achieve.

10 Minutes of Affirmation

Now that you’re focused, focus on the good. Positive thinking leads to positive being, and we can reinforce that with positive affirmation. Getting your mindset faced in the right direction is the best way to start your day. Don’t let negative thoughts get you down; tell yourself you can achieve anything, and you will.

10 Minutes of Inspiration

Do some inspirational reading. Put down the negative newspaper and pick up the personal development books. If you can find one thing to think about in a spiritual reading, focus on that idea; it will bring light into your day.

10 Minutes of Visualizing the Perfect Day Ahead

You’ve already visualized your dream life, now scale that back into today. What will make today awesome? How can you be the most amazing you today? When you visualize good things happening – doing great work, eating healthily, positive interactions – they usually do.

Give yourself 10 minutes to dream about your day, and you’ll float through it on wings of positivity.

If you’ve 70 minutes in the morning, start your day off with the entire routine. But if not, do whichever parts of the routine that you can, and you can be a more happy, well­rounded person.