Good And Bad Sides: How Does Juice Detoxification Affects Your Organism?

It does not matter if you do the detoxification with juices several days or every day of the week, your body will definitely go through some changes due to drastically reduce the intake of calories, fat and protein.

Some of these changes are good because they stimulate detoxification, but certainly you should know the negative aspects of the detoxification of juices.

Most juice detoxification programs mean intake of juices of various fruits and vegetables. These juices contain a lot of sorbitol or glucitol. This kind of sugars stimulates accumulated water in the intestines, because there laxative action. You will definitely cleanse your digestive system, but prepare yourself for diarrhea and do not forget to increase water intake.

See below what are the positive and negative effects of detoxification with juices.


When you limit intake of calories in your organism, the body enters in starvation phase. It causes hormonal imbalance. The level of hormones in your body will be very similar to the one you had before entering into puberty already after a few days. It can disrupt the regularity of the menstrual cycle, especially if you practice the detoxification juice in the time of your menstrual period.


Juices do not contain protein. But your body is not aware that you do not enter protein and will continue to erode proteins same as if you were entering them, but those of the muscles. If the juice detoxification lasts for a week, it can cause a significant reduction in muscle mass, even 300 grams of muscle per day.

Body weight

Glycogen in your body, which comes from carbohydrates, helps the body in retaining water. When you start detoxification you will discard all water, and the lost body weight is actually lost water. You will return the lost pounds immediately after you are done with the detoxification.

Energy level

Just because you drastically reduced the intake of calories, it does not mean that your body will stop spending them. Small calorie intake means little glycogen and a small amount of energy. You will start to feel weakness and chronic fatigue.


Due to the reduction of muscle tissue the body will spend fewer calories at rest. If you have lost around 1 kg of muscle tissue every day you will spend around 15 calories less. If detoxification lasted shortly, slow metabolism is instantaneous and will quickly return to normal. But if you practice detoxification long time or too often, it can leave long-term consequences of the operation of your metabolism.


Detoxification has a positive effect on the health of the heart. Detoxification lasting several days can help in the regulation of cholesterol and reduce your blood pressure. Also, you can adjust the sensitivity of the glucose and the body to insulin.