Gluten Free Rice Replacement to Treat Celiac Disease

Konjac Shirataki is a miracle noodle, providing an alternative to both rice and pasta with only five calories per serving, and it can be a gluten free rice replacement to treat Celiac Disease.

Of Japanese origin, this noodle provides a product that is pasta yet is a food that helps people lose weight. Those with Celiac Disease will be happy to know the noodle, which originates in Southeast Asia, does not contain gluten, so it can be added to a gluten-free diet.

Konjac Root is Rich in Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a soluble fiber that helps the body in many ways, and the Konjac root is rich in this fiber. The root helps people eat less and avoid gaining weight, providing a healthy alternative to both rice and pasta, which are rich in carbohydrates. For those who need to watch their calories, prefer to eat vegetarian, have to avoid gluten and those who eat Kosher food, the Konjac shirataki, or miracle noodle, is a good fit for your diet. The root is 100% natural and can be consumed in any amount without impacting your diet. It can be a great substitute in pasta dishes and can replace traditional rice for other meals.

Konjac Glucomannan Improves Digestive Function

For those who need to reduce their cholesterol levels, those with intestinal tract issues and those who are diabetic, the Konjac shirataki is a great alternative to high carb pasta and even rice. It helps decrease appetite for those who need to lose weight and those with type 2 diabetes, lowering their glucose levels and decreasing the desire for sweets.

The miracle noodle is easy and quick to prepare, can be stored at room temperature and simply needs to be cooked in boiling water for one minute, then drained and rinsed in cold water before it is consumed. It can be used with various sauces and in various low-calorie dishes for a meal that makes you feel full for longer. It also helps the body slow the absorption of fat and therefore allows more to be excreted as waste, rather than absorbed and stored in the body. People who suffer from slow digestion get a boost from eating this miracle noodle, and those who suffer from high cholesterol or feel like they are starving when they are attempting to lose weight can both benefit from adding this to their diet to replace both pasta and rice.

Consumption of Konjac root has been a common practice in Japan for centuries, and Western cultures are just becoming aware of the benefits of consuming this particular root, called the miracle noodle. Individuals compare it to noodles, rice or spaghetti, noting it is similar in texture but far more beneficial when it comes to the dietary benefits of consuming Konjac root. Consider adding this miracle noodle to your diet and see how the change benefits your health and weight loss efforts. Replace pasta or rice with a meal including Konjac root today.