Get Rid Of Stress With 5-Minute Massage


Massage is considered one of the most effective treatments when it comes to preserving the overall health.

Thanks to this massage you can achieve great results shortly, any time of the day.

In order to release muscle tension, grasp the little finger with the thumb and the index finger, then gently shake. Place the little finger back to its place and start moving it clockwise, after a few seconds change the direction. Perform the same exercise with the other fingers of your hands as well.

Press the root of each finger -- each of our fingers is linked with a specific body function. For example, pressing the base of the thumb releases the airways and nasal cavities.

Make a fist with one hand, but make sure to leave some free space in the middle of the fist, and put the thumb of your other hand in the place. Now squeeze the fist harder and try pulling your thumb out of that place. Do the same with the other fingers as well.

Finally, shake your palms. You need to feel both heat and relief.


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